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Many people will always have a big desire to have hairs that looks beautiful and awesome. New York salons Extensions have something for everyone. Our salons do all types of Hair Extensions, and we were in the first top five hair extensions salon in the world. And we also do have famous NY salons extensions located in Astoria, Queens, NY in New York City, NY, NYC, which is minutes away from Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Long Island, Westchester, Staten Island, NJ, and CT.

Our Hair Extensions Salons provides all types of professional hair extensions like Fusion hair extensions, Lace Front Wigs, Microlink hair extensions, Great Length hair extensions, Balmain hair extensions, Scalp hair extensions, Dream Catchers, Lux hair, Hair Netrics and also other services like Hair loss solution, Eye lashes, Skin care, Laser services, Hair repair, Brazilian keratin hair straightening, Massage, Private services, Brazilian waxing and have done over 100,000 Human Hair Additions and Human Hair replacement types. There are many reasons that New York salons Extensions is the Best of the Best because always offers you the opportunity of creating the look you have always wanted and your new hair will behave and feel exactly as your own so you can treat them in the exact same way.

Our Professional hair extensions costs will dig a hole in your pocket. Length of the professional hair extensions matters a lot for the consumers. Typically, a partial head hair extension will cost you around 150 to 300 excluding the cost of hair. Total cost will range from 400 to 800. Professional Hair extensions cost for full head will range from 300 to 600 excluding the cost of hair. If you add the cost of hair, it will range from 1300 to 1600.

Our Professional hair extension cost is for the one that only adds volume and fullness. A hair extension for that adds length and volume as well for full head will cost you including the cost of hair depending upon its length and quality. High quality human Professional hair extensions will cost you around US $ 250 to US $ 500 for partial head and US $ 1000 to US $ 2500. The European, Russian and American hair extensions will compliment you if you have a light skin tone. The hair extensions cost should usually include a haircut, a keratin application and matching hair color.

Our Hair Extension Salon, New York offers you Professional hair extensions at an affordable price. We provide you the best quality Professional hair extensions from the popular brand. Our experts are highly trained and give you the best results that you are dreaming of. Visit any of our salons located in New York City, Astoria, Queens, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Boston, Manhattan, Long Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Boston, Westchester, areas.

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